Child Care Providers

Licensed Home Child Care

We have over 900 children needing care right now and more than 2600 children on our waiting list who need care soon!

Andrew Fleck Children’s Services is looking for dedicated individuals who enjoy children and want to provide care in their homes.

To be a child care provider affiliated with us you must value early learning and be committed to providing high quality care.

Advantages to providing care through an agency:

  • You are self employed
  • You set your own hours
  • You choose which families and children you provide care for
  • You are an equal partner in the relationship with parents
  • We provide support & resources to you and the children in your care
  • We guarantee that you will receive remuneration for your services
  • We manage most of the administrative information

By partnering with us you have the opportunity to meet many potential clients.

These are the qualities, skills and qualifications Providers affiliated with us have:

  • enjoy and values spending time with children and families
  • committed to providing a safe and stimulating early learning environment
  • have experience caring for young children
  • are reliable and dependable
  • can communicate effectively in English and possibly other languages
  • attend first aid and CPR training offered by us
  • attend additional training offered by us
  • live in a smoke free home

As part of our screening process we do require a a medical certificate, police records check, Children’s Aid Society clearance and references

If you believe your skills, training and experience make you a suitable candidate to care for young children in your home, please send your résumé to:

Home Child Care
Andrew Fleck Children’s Services
700 Industrial Ave., Suite 600
Ottawa, ON
K1G 0Y9
Tel: 613-736-1913
Fax: 613-736-8378