Positive Outcomes Program

Who We Are

The Positive Outcomes Program (POP) provides time limited behaviour services to licensed child care programs, in the City of Ottawa, that have identified children (0 to 6 years of age) who demonstrate challenging behaviours and who do not qualify for CISS.

A challenging behaviour may:

  • interfere with learning
  • interfere with skills already learned
  • present safety issues
  • be disruptive to the group
  • cause damage to the environment

The objectives of the Positive Outcomes Program are to work in close collaboration with the Directors and the teaching teams to:

  1. enhance all components of the child care environment;
  2. focus on skills development for the children and the teaching teams;
  3. address challenging behaviours through the implementation and sustainability of prevention strategies.

What We Do

The Behaviour Consultants work collaboratively with the Directors and the teaching teams to assess the child care environment, to collect data, to track behaviours, to implement and sustain prevention strategies and to document the progress. The ultimate goal is to maintain all prevention strategies in place to support all children in the program.

Behaviour consultations may include modelling and coaching of the recommended strategies, module training and/or in-service presentations, additional observations, attendance at team meetings to discuss progress, and communications with the family as required.

Our Team

The Positive Outcomes Program team includes Behaviour Consultants and administrative staff.


The request for the Positive Outcomes Program consists of two forms.

Both forms must be completed, signed and sent to the POP Program Supervisor

To fill out a form, you can download it on your computer and complete it by using Adobe Reader by clicking on the name of the form. Forms are identified with the **. Once the form has been completed, you can save it or print it and then send it to us via e-mail, mail or fax. 

Click here to download Adobe Reader for free.

Contact Information

700 Industrial Avenue, Suite 600
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 0Y9

Fax number: 613-736-8378

613-736-1913 ext. 231