The curriculum is designed to allow flexible, spontaneous activities based on the children’s expressed interests. Following the “emergent based curriculum design” and the Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT) curriculum framework, our Registered Early Childhood Educators plan the environment to guide the children’s learning, enhance their knowledge and meet their individual developmental needs. Each environment offers a child-focused curriculum where the children’s interests give direction to the program. Staff and children work together to expand on these interests, and develop a “webbing” process. This results in a positive, stimulating, creative, and developmentally appropriate environment that promotes learning.

Staff posts a monthly Root Skills sheet which provides an overview of each developmental domain and the skills we are supporting. Weekly program plans are posted for each learning area that will support that development. Documentation is posted in a written format, supported by pictures, and is part of our communication and accountability to you and the Ministry of Education Child Care Quality Assurance & Licensing Offices.

All staff work within a team, however for our preschool children there will be a primary educator who will be responsible for compiling a child portfolio on your child and meeting with you during the year.

For our Kindergarten and School Age Programs, the curriculum serves as a balance to the more structured environment of the elementary school.

The program promotes personal responsibility, the development of self-help skills, and an appreciation of and respect for our natural environment.

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