Program Philosophy

Our Philosophy:

As Registered Early Childhood Educators working with young children, CBCCC supports positive relations between children, parents and staff. Our childcare centre compliments parental care in a warm, nurturing, learning environment. Our programs are rich is discovery, fun and play-based learning activities that are designed to help develop each child’s self esteem and sense of self-worth. CBCCC strives to enable children to participate fully in an environment planned to serve individual needs and develop each child’s self-help skills.


Children are introduced to activities and opportunities that support their emotional, social, creative, cognitive and physical growth. Young children should be given opportunities to participate in an anti-bias environment that fosters active learning, autonomy, democratic freedom, multiculturalism and a sense of responsibility and order. We strive to stimulate each child’s natural curiosity and encourage personal expression through real experience and play. The centre has a commitment to foster the values of cooperation, kindness, empathy, respect and responsibility.


Families are of primary importance in a child’s development. (The term “families” may include others besides parents who are responsibly involved with the child). The family and the centre have a common interest in the child’s welfare. We acknowledge a primary responsibility to bring about collaboration between the home and the centre in ways that enhance the child’s development. The centre has a commitment to:

  1. Develop relationships of mutual trust with the families they serve;
  2. Respect the dignity of each family;
  3. Respect each families’ child-rearing values and their right to make decisions for their children within the framework of our cooperative childcare environment;
  4. Interpret each child’s progress to guardians and help families understand and appreciate the value of developmentally appropriate early childhood programs.


Early childhood Education is a profession that relies on a team approach. The relationship of colleagues within a profession influences the status of the profession and the quality of care provided. Registered Early Childhood Educators act with integrity and support one another by adopting professional attitudes and behaviour in their work as role models for and teachers of young children. Staff work in an environment that promotes open communication, opportunities for professional development, direct/cooperative input into making decisions and financial recognition of the value of their work.

It is the intent of this philosophy, to create an environment that will nurture the individual child and support their families’ needs.