Our weekly menus for the current and following week are posted in each cooking and serving area of the Centre, along with any dietary restrictions, allergies and / or anaphylaxis. All programs will keep the Menus for 30 days after the last day for which they are applicable. Substitutions and specific food choices are noted on the posted menus.

All menu planning follows the recommendations set out in the Health Canada documents “Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide”, “Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide – First Nations, Inuit and Métis” or “Nutrition for Healthy Term Infants”. Special dietary and feeding arrangements are to be carried out in accordance with the written instructions provided by the parents/guardians of the child. Careful menu planning is essential to
meet children’s nutritional needs and to expose them to a wide variety of foods.

Tunney’s provides milk during morning snack and lunch and water during afternoon snack. Water is always available for the children. We do not serve juice or other food items that contain high sugar and sodium levels. Nutritious between-meal snacks are provided for each child, which promote good dental health and will not interfere with a child’s appetite for meal time.