Licensed Child Care Availability

Centre-based Child Care Program Availability

On June 9th, 2020, the Provincial government announced the reopening of child care in Ontario as early as June 12th.

All of the Andrew Fleck Children’s Services programs are working towards meeting the new province-mandated child care health and safety regulations.  The measures put in place have significantly reduced the number of children our centres and home child care providers can safely accommodate.

Ours teams have begun to welcome back the children who were enrolled prior to the pandemic closures, but are still in the process of determining how many families will resume care. As such, we cannot guarantee availability at this time.

Any remaining available spaces will be offered to the families on our waitlists.

Please ensure you continue to update your program choices, preferred start date, and contact information on the City of Ottawa Child Care Registry and Waitlist.

We appreciate your continued confidence in the quality and safety of the early learning and child care services offered by our agency.

For Licensed Home Child Care Availability, Click Here

Current Centre-based Available Spaces (updated January 15th, 2021)

This availability is usually updated weekly; spaces listed as available now may be filled between updates.


Toddler 3
Preschool 6
School Age 2
Toddler 7
Preschool (FR) 4
Preschool (EN) 3 (2 days/ week option)

Center/Downtown Area

Capital Child Care
Toddler 5
Preschool 2
George Street
Toddler 20
Preschool 16
Infant 3
Toddler 1
Preschool 4


Alta Vista
Kindergarten (AM) 2
Kindergarten (PM) 1
School Age (AM) 6
School Age (PM) 17
Charles Hulse
Toddler No Availability
Preschool (2.5-5yrs) 2
Kindergarten(AM) No Availability
Kindergarten(PM) No Availability
School Age(AM) 28
School Age(PM) 20
Riverside Park Nursery School
Toddler 2
Preschool 3
Riverview Kinder & School Age Program
Kindergarten (AM) 7
Kindergarten (PM) 7
School Age (AM) 5
School Age (PM) 5


Carleton Heights
Preschool (2.5-5yrs) 4
Kindergarten (AM) 10
Kindergarten (PM) 10
School Age (AM) 6
School Age (PM) 6
Colonel By (Carleton University)
Infant 7
Toddler 7
Preschool 17
Preschool No Availability
Preschool (Nearby Nature) 1
Kindergarten (AM) 8
Kindergarten (PM) 5
School Age (AM) 5 (9-12 years)

3 (6-8 years)

School Age (PM) 1
School Age B&A, holidays No Summer Availability


Mooney’s Bay- August 2021
Infant To Be Determined
Toddler To Be Determined
Preschool To Be Determined

Who We Are

Andrew Fleck Children’s Services has been providing early learning and care to families of Ottawa since 1911. Our centres provide licensed child care for children between the ages of 18 months and 12 years of age located in various locations throughout Ottawa.

For more information on one of our programs, please visit their program page using the links below:

Alta VistaCarleton HeightsCharles HulseGeorge Street


What We Do

Each program offers a child-focused curriculum where staff and children work together to expand and develop a wide range of skills and competence based on the emergent curriculum philosophy. An emergent curriculum is one that builds upon the interests of the children. It is often spontaneous and responsive to their immediate interests; topics are driven by the ideas and questions from the children themselves.

Our Team

All of the teaching staff are qualified in Early Childhood Education, or have an equivalent qualification, are registered with the College of ECE, plus hold First Aid / CPR qualifications. The staff continues to take advantage of workshops and courses in order to upgrade their skills, and develop new areas of expertise. Our staff is very committed to the welfare and development of children, and is always available for consultation, information, and resources.

How to Register?

Visit the City of Ottawa’s Child Care Registry and Waitlist (CCRAW) at Find our program(s) in the “Apply to Programs” section under “Child & Application Information”, choose the appropriate age group and apply. If it is your first time on the CCRAW, you will need to create a profile and fill the “Parent/Guardian Information” and the “Child Details” before being able to apply.

For further assistance, connect with our new Parent Navigator, Bianca Tremblay.

Email:                  Phone: (613) 736-5355 ext. 206


We offer both full fee and subsidized spaces (when available). To determine if you qualify for a child care subsidy please go to

*We also provide Licensed Home Child Care. Click here for more information.*