Benefits for Employers

  • Offering back-up child care is a smart resource which significantly reduces absenteeism, the cost of replacement staff and down time. It’s an important tool in managing critical staffing needs.

“Having access to this service allowed me to attend a very important meeting – if I hadn’t attended, there could have been repercussions to my whole work team”

  • When employee stress is reduced, there is greater productivity and higher morale in the workplace

“This is a great service to employees. Even if I only use it 2-3 times per year, it removes the stress of unexpected absence from work and makes me feel like my employer is interested in the wellbeing of myself and my family”

  • It’s a recruitment and retention tool. Offering this service as a benefit to working parents can help retain your most qualified workers and provides a competitive incentive to attract talented new employees.
  • It underscores your organization’s commitment to helping your staff balance their work and family responsibilities.

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Did you know?

  • With the growing number of working families, child care has become an urgent economic and social priority.
  • A 1990 Conference Board of Canada survey of more than 7,000 public and private sector workers (Work and Family: Employment Challenge of the ‘90’s) revealed that finding last-minute child care caused the most difficulty for working parents.
  • A Statistics Canada survey of more than 10,000 Canadian workers revealed that in the 1990s, absenteeism due to family issues is 3 times higher than it was in the 1970s.
  • 1997 Stats Canada data revealed that women with preschoolers lost 11.7 days of work for personal reasons. The perception that only women need special accommodation with work and family concerns is no longer valid. By necessity the burden of arranging child care when normal arrangements break down or when a child is mildly ill is beginning to cross parental boundaries.
  • The Short Term Child Care Program provides bilingual back up child care services to eligible families of organizations which have a Purchase of Service Agreement with the Short Term Child Care Program.
  • The Short Term Child Care Program is a program of Andrew Fleck Child Care Services, a non-profit organization in operation since 1911. Management is through a board of directors with representation from public and private sectors.