Benefits for Parents

  • The quality, reliability and flexibility of service offered by STCC means peace of mind for working parents.

“My son started to come down with something the evening before my shift the next morning. I called STCC at 7:50 p.m. and within the hour, it was all arranged. The caregiver came to my home the next morning and I was immediately reassured by the way things were handled so professionally. She gave him his antibiotics and was in contact during the day. This service is a real godsend when there is a breakdown in your regular child care arrangements and I highly recommend it.”

  • STCC gives you worry-free choices. It’s a reliable alternative when your children are mildly ill or when your regular child care arrangements break down, leaving you stranded.

“I have used the service once and was completely satisfied. Even if I don’t use it often, it’s reassuring to know the program is available.”

  • It’s a positive means of balancing home and work responsibilities without sacrificing your much-needed vacation and sick leave.
  • Having access to STCC services reduces the stress felt when you’re being torn between family and work commitments and it minimizes disruption of your family’s regular routine.

“I felt comfortable knowing my children were safe and happy. I was able to concentrate on my work instead of worrying what was happening at home. A wonderful service.”

If your employer or union or organization does not already provide this service, please email us and request an information package.

If your employer, union or organization already provides access to STCC services and you have not yet registered, please contact the Short Term Child Care program.