Online Training Module


Watch the following video and then answer the following multiple choice quiz. An incorrect answer will promote the video to pop up and replay the relevant information to help you answer correctly.

  1. The supply teacher’s module training has been developed and delivered to non-Early Childhood Educators interested in supply teaching where?

  2. The responsibility for licensing programs to be able to provide child care is under which Ministry?

  3. Where can you find a licensed child care centre?

  4. In most cases, what age do children attend nursery school?

  5. Name documentation that you don’t require per say but would be a good asset?

  6. The organization’s philosophy is based on what?

  7. What is the Mandate of the Ontario College of Early Childhood Educators?


  1. When is it appropriate to use your cell phone while on placement?

  2. What does a typical day in a child care centre include?

  3. What is the highest benefit of following daily routines?

  4. If an unknown parent approaches you in a supply teaching role, what information should you relay to them first?

  5. A child’s has the right to express their emotions, which includes negative ones as long as?

  6. Being professional means being a good what?

  7. Not speaking about details of the children you care for outside your working day is called what?


  1. What specifically sets the tone for the entire program?

  2. What kind of environment do children learn best in?

  3. An inclusive early childhood education and care experience is offered by?

  4. When a child is doing something positive, best practice is to?

  5. Children may use inappropriate behaviour to gain what from an educator or peers?

  6. Children redirected to calm down area are best not to return to the activity/routine in progress?

  7. When are children best able to deal with their emotions and self-regulate?


  1. Bridge training helps who to find work in their trade or profession?

  2. The Early Childhood Education program is well suited for?

  3. Highlighting these on your resume helps market yourself to the employer.

  4. When providing references they should be what type?

  5. What type of interview questions should you expect to answer?

  6. Policies and procedures ensure the point of view of who will result into a compatible outcome?

  7. AODA covers what type of training?