Application to Recruit Participants for Research

Andrew Fleck Children’s Services (AFCS) supports best practice by encouraging and engaging in research and evaluation to advance our knowledge of early learning, child care services and child development.

If you wish to recruit clients or staff from our services for research purposes, please read the process below and contact to request the application form.

Process: Application to Recruit participants for Research By External Agencies

  1. The Executive Director receives and reviews all requests.
  2. The request must be in writing and include a brief description of the project, and the contact information i.e., name, title, address, and telephone number of the person at the external agency responsible for the project.
  3. All research requests must have documented approval by a recognized ethics board.
  4. If the application is complete the request can be approved by the ED or referred to the Research and Evaluation Committee at the discretion of the Executive Director or her/his delegate.
  5. Approval to post/distribute recruitment information does not imply any obligation on the part of AFCS clients or staff to participate. This information must be communicated to potential participants either in writing i.e. when a notice is posted, or orally when a presentation is made.