Children’s Inclusion Support Services

Who We Are

Children’s Inclusion Support Services (CISS) provides support, in English and in French, to licensed child care programs (nursery schools, child care centres and home child care agencies) that promote the inclusion of children with special needs within the City of Ottawa.

As defined in the Child Care and Early Years Act, a child with special needs means a child whose cognitive, physical, social, emotional or communicative needs, or whose needs relating to overall development, are of such a nature that additional supports are required for the child.

What We Do

Children’s Inclusion Support Services (CISS) provides a range of supports to assist with the inclusion of children with special needs including but not limited to the following:

Resource Consultants:

The Resource Consultant provides consultative support on an ongoing basis to various child care programs by suggesting strategies for adapting activities and providing training to ensure a positive inclusion experience for everyone. Using a team approach, the Resource Consultant facilitates the development of a functional Collaborative Inclusion Plan.

Behaviour Consultants

The Behaviour Consultant provides consultative support, in collaboration with the Resource Consultants, to child care program teaching teams to assist in the development of skills to meet the challenging behavioural needs of children.

Enhanced Staff Support Funding:

Enhanced Staff Support Funding may be available to child care programs in order to hire a program assistant to support the child care setting when enrolling a child whose needs meet the eligibility criteria for this level of support to ensure a positive inclusion experience.


A variety of training opportunities are available for child care program teaching teams as well as for individuals involved with children who have special needs and parents/guardians. To access information regarding upcoming training opportunities log on to


ACCESS Inclusion newsletter celebrates diversity and promotes inclusionary practices. Included in our publications are inspirational journeys of growth shared by children, families, early childhood educators, and providers. Our newsletter is a treasure trove of resources and helpful information to assist in resolving challenges, and to provide strategies and resources. To subscribe please go to


Access to a comprehensive Resource Library which includes materials, books, DVDs, disability awareness kits as well as toys, equipment and other resources are available to child care programs and parents/guardians. View catalogue.

Positive Outcomes Program:

The Positive Outcomes Program (POP) provides time limited behaviour management consultation support to licensed child care program teaching teams that have identified children who demonstrate challenging behaviours and who do not qualify for CISS.

The Behaviour Consultant works in collaboration with the Director and the teaching teams: to enhance all components of the early learning and care program environment; to focus on skills development for the children and the teaching teams and to address challenging behaviours through the implementation and maintenance of prevention strategies.

Our Team

The Children’s Inclusion Support Services (CISS) team is made up of Intake Coordinators, Resource Consultants, Resource Consultant Team Leaders, Behaviour Consultants and administrative staff. The CISS team supports programs and children and their families by coordinating resources through effective partnerships to ensure a positive and inclusive child care experience.

Contact Information

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