Guide for Inclusive Collaboration (Forms/Policies)

***For Directors of Licensed Child Care Programs in the City of Ottawa***

Children’s Inclusion Support Services is excited to present the revised supervisor’s kit now called, “A Guide for Inclusive Collaboration with CISS”.

The intention is for you to readily access information to support effective communication between our programs regarding inclusion practices and policies. It is also meant for you to easily access forms as you plan for supported inclusion for each child being enrolled in your program. We appreciate the support that you will continue to provide for families who are completing forms as we move to this new format.

In the future, if for any reason a change or update in the guide is required, it will be completed on the website so that you will always have access to current policies, procedures, forms and so on. We recommend that you download what you need as you go.

To view a document, click on the title to open it in your browser.

To fill out a form, you can download it on your computer and complete it by using Adobe Acrobat Reader by clicking on the name of the form. Forms are identified with the. Once the form has been completed, you can save it or print it and then send it to us via e-mail, mail or fax. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.

Terminology used throughout this guide

The term “Director” will be used to refer to any person in a leadership role (e.g. Director, Manager, Supervisor, Coordinator or other).

The term “Child Care Program” refers to any Child Care Centre, Nursery School and/or Home Child Care Agency.

The term “Teaching Team” will be used to refer to any person working with the child, such as the Director, the Educators, the Home Child Care Consultant, the Home Child Care Provider or others.

Section 5 – Behaviour Consultation and Positive Outcomes Program

Section 6 – Subsidy Information

  1. Child Care Subsidies
  1. Behaviour Consultation
  2. POP: Program Information and Process
  3. POP: Request Form
  4. POP: Parent/Guardian Consent

Section 7 – Other

  1. Employer Attestation

Section 8 – Other

  1. Medical Needs