Established in 1911, Andrew Fleck Children’s Services is a non-profit charitable organization governed by a Board of Directors composed of knowledgeable and dedicated volunteers, representative of our community, who have a broad range of expertise. The Board meets a minimum of 9 times per year.

The Board establishes the mission, goals, and governance policies of the Agency and maintains a French Language Services designation in two of its programs; Children’s Inclusion Support Services and Ontario Early Years, Ottawa South.  It is legally accountable for ensuring the organization’s compliance with regulatory statutes and oversees the Executive Director. The Executive Director is responsible for the implementation of Board policies, development of operational policies and the daily management of the organization. The Executive Director reports directly to the Board.

Board of Directors – 2019-2020

Michèle René de Cotret President
Robert Dupuis Vice President
Andrew Storrs Treasurer
Pauline Beaudry-LeBlanc Secretary
Suzanne Gagnon Member-at Large
Dan Carson Past President


Board of Directors
Ian Calvert Ruth Chamberland
Ann Croll Suzanne Dugas
Karen Green Maria McClintock
Gary Miller Gayle Singer
Bob Whitelaw


If you would like to communicate directly with our Board of Directors, please send an email to: